Everlasting Christ Gospel Mission INT’L 2020 Consecration Ones Conference Ends With A Call For Ministerial Consecration

By Divine Sam:-
… COVID-19 is to bring people back to God — prophet Ibanga.

Bishop Dr. Friday Ibanga performing the consecration activities

“The of numbers reveals division of spirit and not division of labour Ephisans 4:11
Come and hear the policy of division of spirit by the great monarch Numbers 11:25”
These were the major scriptural backups and areas of concentration in the 2020 Consecrated Ones Conference of Everlasting Christ Gospel Mission INT’L.
The conference which took place on Sunday, March 28, 2020, at the mission international headquarters of the church located at Mbiabong Ikot Udo Uso, Etoi, Uyo Akwa Ibom state capital recorded tremendous lecture by the overseer.
Bishop Dr Friday Ibanga

Addressing the press after the conference the General overseer of the mission prophet Dr Friday Ibanga noted that when one is ignorance of the mysteries of consecration, one will end up living a powerless life and a life without identity.
Those who lack consecration lacks spiritual electricity that will motivate spiritual vibration.
A consecrated person is one who is separated for a purpose and sanctitude, some men of God are thereby technocrats and not by the Holy Spirit, they may speak good English and uses common sense to organise people but lack the presence of the holy spirit, therefore, a consecrated person carries the presence of the Holy Spirit and God in extension and can speak to natural element and they obey like Jesus Christ.
He regretted that some men who claimed men of God are creating problems instead of solving. Some of them do predictions in the midst of crisis because it is a problem they have to predict. A man of God who is consecrated is translated to see beyond things of the world and is automatically a seed in God’s kingdom.
Like Paul who was consecrated, when he had confrontations, he was translated.
The Ecclesiastical and spirituality preacher maintain that Everlasting Christ Gospel mission INT’L does not worship ministry like the Pentecostal churches but their concentration is solely on God. He said ” we don’t worship title like others, they worship Government. Here, we work for God and not ministry. There is a difference between ministry and God that is why we don’t invite gospel musicians, artist and comedian… those are ministries. Worship is higher than talents worship is a game of participation, God is a system and not a magician”
He called on those in the consecration to maintain the faith and do what is justifiable before God.
Speaking on the pandemic issue the clergyman said “I am not talking to make myself relevant in the society it is my works that announced me, I cannot talk about corona virus in other to be known or recognize”
Corona virus is not a new thing in the world. Right from time we have had a lot of epidemics and it was even stated in the scripture many years ago by king David that no flesh shall come near according to Psalm 91:10 and so I see Corona virus as a lecturer, it’s taking us back to God.
He said it’s time the Christian body return to the place of prayer and desist from believing in artificial intelligence because when a man is too artificial in nature, he can not withstand conflicts.
He sighted instances, where some African women have suddenly turned their body into artificial behaviour and by so doing, are ungrateful to God who created them with the skin and complexion that they dilute with bleaching cream and that’s because they are not honest to God.
He Jesus Christ has already said that a lot of things will happen but not yet the end of time therefore people should not use corona virus to projects fear or doubt.
He said one of the things people should engage this year is to pray and practice the law of good intentions, be a brothers keeper and should not use ones mistake to make money out of it.
Dr. Ibanga noted that the closing down of churches as ordered by Government is an idea from the government because the church cannot oppose the Government as no Government establishment can stand without God’s approval.
He said Government is not stopping Chuch from worship rather it is for the purpose of health education and one of the reasons this situation seems so difficult is the inability to manage crisis so Government does not stop people to worship God.
He said it ignorance is the problem of some persons in the country, no one can understand the things of God when suffering from ignorance and when one is ignorance he/she lacks spiritual enlightenment.
Government does not stop people from pronouncing the name of Jesus Christ the King or not to kneel down and talk to God, Government is helping us to go back and build homes and families, some men who run away and abandoned their wives should go back some who did not pay bills should go home and do so no one can run away from problems until they learn its lessons so there is nothing wrong to close down the church for purposes of prayers, private intentions prayers, private and family prayers are different from cooperates and church prayers
He said COVID-19 has gone already, it came for a purpose and has accomplished its mission. Things have been happening every ten years like this is 2020 the end of another ten years so, COVID-19 has gone already, those that are dying are those who feel God is not in existence, some assumed God and when someone assumes God it is very possible to become a victim of pandemic. Let the world understand this.
Also speaking was the bishop of consecration and Wesley synod international mission Bishop Oyemade Macaulay expressed satisfaction on the lecture given by the father Bishop Dr Friday Ibanga and called on those in the consecration not to depart from the faith.
Others who spoke were Rev. Mrs Glory Sunday Obot director friend of God universe in charge of children ministry, Pastor Willam Eyo of the youth ministry and pastor gospel Charles one the longest-serving pastor in the mission.
Interestingly the conference features presentations of certificates of participants, lectures, praise and worship, prayers and lots more to mark the 2020 consecrated ones conference.

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