The Beauty And The Strength Of A Virtuous Queen! By Bro Iyke Jerry Amadi

The Beauty And The Strength Of A Virtuous Queen! By Bro Iyke Jerry Amadi

[ “She is lovely, caring, graceful, meek and respectful, very committed and supportive. She is spiritual and hypersensitive in nature, aware of happenings around her. She is Godly and wise, very patient, suitable, and adaptable to change. And above all, she is free, open, very sweet, and peaceful to be with! In fact, she is invaluable/priceless! The best and greatest gift and crown from God to the real king of her life” ]. But with all these qualities in her, she is not stupid and foolish otherwise. She is also a lioness in nature and can bite and tear apart too. Please understand that very well too!
So Oga boss sir, please hear me out and very clearly. Your wife is the queen of your life and home and not your house help. So don’t allow unnecessary and stupid ego like, I’m the man and boss of the house to reduce her qualities, impact, values, and worth. So treat her with wisdom and understanding, with love, respect, and care to bring out all the best versions of “QUEEN” in her each moment of time because she has a lot embedded inside of her by her creator to beautify, glorify, and lighten up your kingdom. Because if you fail in that responsibility as her king, and take her and her feelings for granted and frustrate her life and efforts, and she eventually closes her heart and locks up her spirit for you, hmmmmmm!
My brother, you are finished and doomed already! In fact, go to any hospital close to you now and admit yourself for you are very sick already and close to death because something more deadly a million times than coronavirus is after you. Because she will give you hell with every fibre of her being. And no one can rescue you from her hands because she is your number one and best helper from God. And now, you have awakened the animalistic side of her nature by your stupidity, insensitivity, irresponsibility due to lack of common and spiritual sense, and not even God will listen to you until you repent totally and begin to do the right and needful things. Note this, [ “The way you treat your wife is how God will treat your prayers, services, offerings, and sacrifices” MALACHI 2:13-16, 1 PETER 3:7 ]. Please read to understand better for yourself and get more original sense into your brain.
Please adhere to my candid word and advice if you really love your life and destiny. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Because when a good woman is pissed off, fade up, and had enough, she will not tell you but she will show you, for sure. Like they said, [ “Hell Has No Fury As A Woman Scorned” ]. A word always enough for the wise. He whom brain is given, sense is expected and required. That’s the way it is! I don talk finish! “JESUS IS LORD”.

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