Ghanaian footballer’s mother confirms she has both male and female organs

It has been revealed that Ghanaian ‘female’ footballer Holali Ativor has both male and female sex organs.
This was revealed by the player’s mother, Victoria Ativor, in an interview with Accra-based Happy FM.
She said her daughter was born with a vagina but she started growing a penis as she got older.
Ghanasoccernet reports that Holali’s gender came to light after she was dropped from the Black Queen’s team for being hermaphrodite.

Ghanaian ‘female’ footballer Holali Ativor

The 20-year-old, however, currently plays for Women’s League side Kumasi Sports Academy.
“Yes, it’s true they have sent my daughter home because she has two organs. When I gave birth to her she had the vagina but with time the penis started growing,” Madam Victoria confirmed.
She explained that her daughter has always seen herself as a female despite having a penis.
She, therefore, appealed to Ghanaians to help her daughter undergo surgery to remove the penis.
“She is 20 years old and all her life she sees herself a woman. I have taken her to a lot of places for help but to no avail. She insists she is a woman and wants the penis taken off.
“I will plead with Ghanaians to come to my aid so she can have surgery. For now, she is not yet home. She is on her way from camp to the house,” she added.
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