Daddy Freeze To Pastors; return 1-year tithes to members

By Newsie Events Team:
The Nigerian OAP, Daddy Freeze, has called on pastors to refund back tithes paid by their members before they die of hunger.
The media personality made reference to a church with screenshots of the news report about how a US-based church refunded her members three years of tithes as help during the coronavirus pandemic.
He advised Nigerian general overseers of churches to do the same. According to him, they should give back one year of tithes to their members so they have something to eat.
He wrote:
“Dear Nigerian GOs, I suggest that you kindly look into this and refund the tithes of the last one year, no need for 3 years, so your people can have meat on their tables from the ‘storehouse of God’. “Those who collected tithes with Malachi 3:8-10 should in the same vein, bring out the meat from God’s storehouse so the people may eat and not die, God bless you all! ~FRZ”

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