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In the last week, there have been more than 10 incidents where girls were raped and murdered by their predators. A 22 old girl Vera Uwa was raped and murdered in a church. 18-year-old Barakat was robbed, raped, and murdered at home. 15-year-old Jennifer was ganged raped by 11 men amongst others. These cases have caused a national outrage in Nigeria and laid the foundation for more cases of rape to be reported. The reports are coming in very high numbers and they are very disturbing.
While rape is a terrible culture in Nigeria, justice for rape victims is expensive and difficult to get. The stigmatization in the Nigerian society is not helping matters. This was why we launched a non-profit organization we called Girl-Power to champion the fight Against Rape. We conduct “Speak Up” campaigns across rural areas to encourage victims to speak up, we take up cases of rape and finance the legal process until justice is done. At this critical time when rape is surging higher and brutal in the country, we hope to go massive. Conduct massive campaigns and sponsor the legal processes seeking justice for at least 100 girls who have been victims of rape.
We need your support.
We have produced a t-shirt on PrintFul with the words ” “Girls Like Me: #deservesBetter.”
For every shirt purchased, you will be helping a rape victim gets justice and helping us reach young girls who are likely to be future victims.
Shirts are delivered globally by Printful. PrintFul is one of America’s biggest clothing brands. Shirts are delivered globally.
We appeal to you to support us in this fight against rape in Nigeria and Africa.
You can support us by purchasing a shirt or sharing with persons interested in supporting the cause.
This is the link to the online store.
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