Nedu’s ex-wife, Uzoamaka urges him to take care of his two children

By Newsie Events Media:

Ex-wife of the popular on-air-personality, Chinedu Ani, also known as Nedu, Uzoamaka Ohiri has called on him to take care of the two children they had together.

Uzoamaka stated this when she appeared on PUNCH Live on Tuesday, as she discussed issues surrounding her separation from the comedian.

Last weekend, Nedu had in a post on Instagram, claimed that the first child wasn’t his, citing the DNA test result.

However, Uzoamaka, during her Punch live interview, said that throughout her marriage with Nedu, she was faithful to him, explained the circumstances surrounding the birth of the male child.

She noted that she has solely been responsible for the care of the two children which Nedu Fathered since he walked out of their marriage four years ago.

Uzoamaka said that she and Nedu separated not long after the last child was born and that Nedu barely knows the last child.
“He doesn’t know the last one. He walked out of her life when she was born; so, she doesn’t know her,” Uzoamaka said.

She said that Nedu is not being supportive towards their welfare even though he is their father.

Uzoamaka claimed that she had been battling to pay the house rent and that, despite her pleas, Nedu hadn’t been taking care of the children’s expenses.

“Nedu pays the children’s school fees, however, according to her; noting that, that was why she brought the issue out on social media over the weekend.

“He pays school fees. Why I came out was because I have been paying the house rent and I have been taking loans for four years after he kicked us out of the house where we were staying.

“This is four years now. I have been paying house rent and I have been asking him to support. Four years now. That’s why I came out,” Uzoamaka explained.

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