Prophet Daniel Abodunrin Before the Lions || By Fr Kelvin Ugwu

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If you have not read about this popular story of a certain self-acclaimed prophet known as “Daniel” Abodunrin, you can check it out today and read it for yourself.

In 1991, at the University of Ibadan Nigeria, he claimed that the story of Daniel who survived when thrown into the lions’ den can still be replicated.

This led Abodunrin to enter into the zoo of the University of Ibadan where fierce lions were kept.

On that faithful day, there were visitors and people from within and outside the school that came to see animals in the zoo, but Abodunrin did not just come to see, he came to be seen.

The story was gruesome.

When he managed and struggled his way into the lions’ cage in which people believed he convinced the guards somehow or stubbornly pushed his way through, everyone was shocked and some were terrified on his behalf.

He entered with a big Bible and wore a red robe. He was heard reciting bible verses and speaking in tongues as he asked the God of Daniel to come down and do his miracle.

Usually, the natural instincts for lions when they are faced with a prey, especially when it is unexpectedly, is to retreat and calculate what line of action to take. . . so, when the lions withdrew upon seeing the prophet before them, the “man of God” thought the Angels have started working their miracles. So he grew confident and started going further towards the lions as he kept praying in tongues and reciting bible verses. . .

Then in a matter of seconds, the lions rushed him, tore him to pieces splashing his blood everywhere and on his bible. . . Then the lions ate him and cleaned their mouths like one who just ate Oha soup.

It is 31 years now since the incident and it will shock you to know that some persons actually believed that Abodunrin is a true prophet and that the lions ate him because they were possessed by devils, and to them, the lions should be killed.

There are many stories like this scattered everywhere. Last year a so-called Zambian prophet buried himself alive because he believed that he will rise again after three days just like Jesus. The prophet’s body is now totally decayed.

This year, a building in Delta state Nigeria was already cracked and about to collapse, despite the warnings from people, a so-called Christian group stayed inside the building and was praying and speaking in tongues for God to miraculously make the house stand and not fall. Well, the building collapsed and killed them all.

In my previous post titled “Praying for Rains”, the comment section is interesting. When I share things on my wall, I always get people who will foolishly come to tell me how things of God are not philosophy or logic. Some of you don’t want to grow up in your understanding of God.

Let me correct this. Things of God are philosophy, logic and common sense. Yes, on the other hand, sometimes things of God can still appear illogical to human reasoning and even senseless. But you need to have sense first to know when sense is not needed.

Some of you think you are very spiritual when you just pick up the bible, read a line where it says the signs that will follow believers is that they will pick up snakes with their hands and it won’t harm them, then they will drink deadly poison and not get hurt. . .so you then go around and act on it literally.

I have said it here, religion is not the problem. . .the problem is that some of you think that having sense is being ungodly and reading the bible literally is a sign of being very spiritual.

Because I opened their minds in my previous post to think more about the story of the Tower of Babel and how it could be misleading to read it literally and conclude that that was the origin of the different languages we have today, they turned around to call me names. Some even started comparing me with the ministers they consider to be “highly spiritual.”

What if I now tell them that the character of Daniel is a debate among scholars. . .and that the stories attributed to Daniel including the one about the lions’ den did not happen literally? That the book was written by an anonymous Jew during the 2nd century BC under the pseudonym Daniel, and that the purpose of the book was majorly to encourage Jewish believers in their struggle against the tyrant Antiochus IV Epiphanes during the Maccabean period. What if I tell them that even the story of Job has been concluded by many scholars as something that never happened literally and that there was no one called Job in history.

Does that discredit the bible? Not at all!
And the reason is simple, the bible is deeper than how some of you try to make it. There are deep meanings to everything written because they were inspired. There are places where you take the stories literally, there are places where you don’t have to and must implore other means to get the depth of the message. If someone is teaching you, calm down and learn. I don’t write to mislead any of you or to gain followers. No one pays me for what I write.

If you like, when you see a deadly poison, go ahead and drink it. . .you will die. If you like, when you see poisonous snakes, go ahead and carry them with your hands. . . or better still, go into the forest where lions are and start speaking in tongues, your family will tell us what remained of you. And since some of you are foolish, when you see a house about to collapse, don’t run away, keep praying to your “what God cannot do does not exist” type of God to come and rescue you. . .it will clear in your eyes when the first block hits you on the head.

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