Abaribe Calls On Ghanaian Authorities To Stop Closure Of Nigerian Shops, Describes Act As Clear Case Of Xenophobia

By Chinenye Festus:-
Senate Minority leader Enyinnaya Abaribe has reacted to the recent closure of shops belonging to Nigerian citizens, describing it as a clear case Xenophobia.
Abaribe who spoke through his spokesperson Uchenna Awom on Sunday, August 23, said the action Ghana has taken against nationals of other countries points to state endorsement of xenophobic attacks.
He further stated that the latest acts by the Ghanaian authorities against Nigerian traders were criminal and very disturbing. He said that Ghanaians decision is in clear violation of the ECOWAS protocol.
Abaribe, therefore, called the Ghanaian authorities to prove Nigerians wrong by putting a stop to closure of shops and attacks in compliance with the ECOWAS protocol before it tampers with the robust relationship Nigeria and Ghana has been enjoying.

“So what’s the point having an economic community if at the end of the day each country resolves to make laws and regulations that are in contradiction with the binding protocol. This is quite absurd as it negates the spirit that propelled the formation of ECOWAS in the first place.”

Senator Abaribe accordingly urged ECOWAS to brace up and come clear in the prevailing circumstances to address the member-country behaviour, saying its far-reaching implications in her protocol, particularly the issue of free trade and movement among the peoples of the West African sub-region.
It is very unfortunate he stated, that Ghana, which hitherto has been enjoying a robust relationship with Nigeria, has in recent times been treating Nigeria with so much contempt and underserved reprehension.
The latest actions Abaribe said calls “to question their real intentions towards Nigeria and Nigerians and this he continued was despite the fact that Nigeria had through her foreign affairs Minister, reached an agreement with Ghana Investment Promotion Council on this matter.

“And now they are reopening the matter. So what has changed? Nigeria I believe has done her best in the promotion of good neighbourliness, it is now Ghana’s to reciprocate and allow our people in that country to carry out their legitimate businesses unhindered,” Abaribe said. [guardian]