Lamborghini Stolen In Switzerland Found In Ghana With Nigerian Plate Number

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The owner of a luxury car rental company based in Switzerland, Deniz Torun, has alleged that a Ghanaian man stole his Lamborghini.

He alleged that this Ghanaian stole the luxury car in June.
A local media, Blick newspaper, gave the model of the car to be a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder (610 hp)

According to the publication, the original number plate of the vehicle is ZG-27482.
The newspaper reports that Torun said he rented the car to a young man with a Ghanaian passport in front of the Hilton Airport Hotel in Opfikon ZH, a municipality in Switzerland.

Below is a picture of the passport shared on Instagram by Luxury Rental Benelux.

A photograph of the passport submitted to Torun by the alleged Ghanaian. Credit: Deniz Torun

He was a guest in this hotel, so I trusted him, I did not worry about my Lambo,” Torun told Blick newspaper.

According to Torun, the supposed Ghanaian, however, did not return the car on the scheduled date and had upgraded its GPS, making it difficult for him to locate.
The last location Torun tracked the car to was Jestetten, a town in Germany. The police in Zurich have reportedly started investigating the alleged theft.

The Lamborghini Huracan Spyder has a powerful V10 engine and costs a good 200,000 francs in Switzerland, Blick newspaper notes.
Torun, however, said the car has been sighted in the Accra city of Ghana with Nigerian number plate customised with the name, “Chosen 1”.

Meanwhile, the photos of the Lamborghini car were first shared on Instagram by another rental company, @luxuryrentalbenelux, reports.

The car rental also said the car belonged to Torun, which it claimed to be a friend.
It said Torun promised a cash reward of €10,000 for anyone who has tips regarding the current location of the car and how it can be found.

It also claimed that the Ghanaian, after seeing his photos on social media, contacted the owner, begging for a chance to resolve the issue amicably.
“It’s embarrassing, please delete the pictures of me. We can do that among ourselves,” the man was alleged to have written.

When contacted by, Torun said that the Ghanaian did not reach out to him for amicable resolution as Luxury Rental Benelux claimed.
He, however, admitted that Luxury Rental Benelux sent him the pictures of the stolen car, though he did not know him.

Curiously, Luxury Rental Benelux has also deleted pictures of the car and the alleged thief from its Instagram page.

The media platform,, said it cannot independently verify the claims by Torun and Luxury Rental Benelux that Lamborghini car allegedly spotted in Ghana with Nigerian plate number belongs to Torun.

Source: Oriental Times

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