South African Police: Almost 20 firearms stolen from security company premises

By Simdi Gloria:-

On Monday, the South African Police said unidentified people broke into security company premises in Polokwane and stole 18 firearms between Saturday night and the early hours of Sunday.

The police said the door was violently opened with an unknown object and the suspects stole the firearms along with an unknown number of ammunition and one computer with a keyboard.

“As we continue to fight against violent crimes perpetrated through firearms, we cannot afford to have these firearms landing in the wrong hands,” said acting provincial commissioner of police in Limpopo Jan Scheepers, adding that the police had launched the manhunt for the suspects.

He noted that investigations will commence to ascertain whether the firearms were safely secured in terms of the law.

Scheepers made an appeal to the public to make available to the police any information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects.

MPs have urged the police force to take urgent action against officers who lose their weapons.

They feared the guns will fall into the hands of criminals.

The police described the report as “worrying” and attributed the losses to a lack of discipline.

The officials being questioned could not say how many police officers had been criminally prosecuted, disciplined, or fired because of the losses – as required by law.

“I am convinced that many murders are committed with police weapons,” Diane Kohler Barnard, opposition MP from the Democratic Alliance, said.

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