Shocking That Nigerian Journalists Refers To Such Unprovoked Attack Against Unarmed IPOB Members By Security Operatives As Clash – MNK

By Newsie Events:-
The Leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has berated some Nigerian Journalists for seeing a clear case of unprovoked, ambushed attack by Nigerian Security Agents against defenceless IPOB members who gathered to pray as they always do as a clash between the group and the police, instead of calling it exactly what it is, “An unprovoked attack against the defenceless, unarmed group by the Nigerian Government.”
The IPOB leader stated this via a post he made on his Facebook page.
Kanu questioned the rationale behind a situation where other groups in other ethnic regions carry weapons and assemble in public without any action from the military or police but when it comes to Biafran youths who are unarmed, the security forces will want to exhibit their power. He said “Enough Is Enough”

His post reads,
“Oduduwa Amotekun is armed, Fulani Miyetti Allah is armed, Fulani terror herdsmen are armed, Fulani funded Bandits are armed, Fulani Ansaru Brigade is armed. They all gather in public without any military interference. But as soon as Biafran youths congregate in any location to pray, every Nigerian military formation including POLICE, DSS, ARMY, AIR FORCE stationed in Biafraland will descend on them firing indiscriminately with the intention of killing as many innocent people as possible because IPOB is a peaceful movement.”
The most shocking of all is that lazy, evil & wicked Nigerian journalists will refer to such unprovoked attack as a CLASH. Little wonder the world sees and depicts Lucifer as a black African man. Such mind-boggling journalism and silence of UK & US diplomatic missions to Nigeria is proof that this ongoing Muslim extermination of Judeo-Christian Biafrans has the official backing of both countries. @UK in Nigeria is aiding and abetting murderous Fulani conquest of Biafraland.”

Kanu calls for the designation of the Nigerian Police and Army as terrorist groups because they are evil and devilish more than Boko Haram and ISWAP. He called on all Biafrans to defend their lives.

“Nigerian Army & Police must be designated as the terrorist groups they are because when it comes to the killing of Biafrans, they are infinitely worse than Boko Haram and ISWAP put together. We Biafrans MUST defend our lives.”