Whatever goes around comes around – Elochukwu Ohagi

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If you start beating your dog all the time, soon the dog will attack you.

Stop talking like you didn’t know that Police and military have wasted lots of youths.

They were people’s brothers and husbands. The more than 100 bodies floating on top Ezu River during Peter Obi’s tenure were people’s sons and breadwinners. They were killed and dumped there by security agents.

Lots of people have gone through accidental discharge.

And the police men that killed them were simply reposted. No prosecution, nothing nothing.

There was a python dance that saw youths killed like rats. There were this picture of youths being drowned in dirty stagnant waters. Some I heard died there after drinking those waters.

On YouTube, there is this video evidence of shooting directly on IPOB members praying in side Ngwá High School in Aba. Lots of youths were gunned down. We have woke up to hear about the brutal killing of youths in Nkpor.

Soldiers went to the Catholic church where peaceful protesters slept and killed hundreds of them and carried their dead bodies. What of youths rallying for Trump in Port Harcourt, Igweocha? Didn’t some of you mocked them and said they caused their death?

You questioned why they should be in Nigeria and rallying for Trump. You countlessly blamed the victims of extra judicial killing and exonerated their killers.

When all these things were happening, we shouted and asked that these killings must stop, but they rather turned against us Activists. They looked for us to arrest. And e~rats and supporters of politicians mocked us.

Let me say it again. A man reaps what he sows. If you sow peace, you reap peace. What is happening in South East is as a result of the evils committed against the youths by the wicked Nigeria government.

Speaking against what is presently happening and shouting how you condemn it will never stop it. Insulting people that are happy with what is happening will not end it. And neither will military confrontation end it.

I am not a happy man and have never been happy as a man forced against my wish to be a Nigerian. No body is happy under chaos, but chaotic situations is better than slavery.

You know that you all hardly listen. What is happening will get worse.

That’s because you all in government have made beasts out of people. The people are ready to confront you. It doesn’t mean they won’t die. Stop reminding them about dying. Those men are dead men walking. That is why they are very dangerous.

I keep asking myself who made you guys leaders, or could it be that you all are just selfish and stupid?

Like I said, it will get worse. What is happening in Imo will get to other states.

And it will be so terrible that those in authority will all start running out. Everything will fail them, including their soldiers. These things I am saying will happen. That Pandora Box have been opened. Revolution is already on. The people will take it all.

The more harder the politicians and security men goes, the more wicked the people becomes.

But there is a way out. All politicians in the East must declare their support for a referendum.

But like Restructuring will not happen, so this way out will be neglected by them. Eastern politicians are slaves. They will keep supporting the killing of their own lpeople until the youths ends their reign of impunity.

May God protect the truthful. We warned about this day. But government choose the road of terror. Terrorising their own youths.

Elochukwu Ohagi, Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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