Abba Kyari: Problem Deepens as US govt gathers 2,700 electronic files, 6700-page documentary evidence

By Newsie Events Media:

The United States prosecutors have gained more access to some incriminating documents amounting to six thousand, seven hundred and seventy three (6,773) pages that the former super cop may not be able to deny, Newsie Events learnt.

According to the US government officials who made the shocking revelation, said that procedures are ongoing to determine how to deploy documents accessed from international law enforcement agencies regarding Kyari’s case.

In total, the prosecutors revealed that, thus far, they’ve obtained over two thousand, seven hundred electronic files (2,700) as part of the evidence for trial in the $1.1million fraud case involving a top Nigerian police officer.

A court filing by the prosecuting team showed this evidence, including outcomes from several other investigations conducted to facilitate the smooth processing of the case when it fully commences.
They also found “discoveries”, including documents obtained from foreign law enforcement agencies with over six thousand, seven hundred pages (6,700).

“Defendants are charged with violations of 18 U.S.C. § 1349 (Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud); § 1956(h) (Conspiracy to Engage in Money Laundering); and § 1028A(a)(1) (Aggravated Identity Theft).” “The government has produced discovery to the defense, including approximately 2.31 GB of native data consisting of 2,707 files including exported chat logs, Cellebrite reports, WhatsApp messages, audio recordings, and other social media content.” “The government is currently processing approximately 6,773 pages of additional discovery including investigative reports and documents received from foreign law enforcement agencies for production and anticipates those materials will be produced within approximately two weeks,” the document reads, in part.

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