#EndSARS: Nigerian Man, Jero, Narrates His Ordeal In The Hands Of SARS.

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As Nigerian youths continue to make their voices heard by protesting and calling on the Federal Government to disband the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, victims of Sars harassment has been speaking up on the horrible ordeal they passed through in the hands of the rogue squad.
These are the ones who by the Grace of God are alive to tell their stories.
A Nigerian Man, Jero, whose real names are Anyanwu Chijioke Chikere fall into such that was saved by God’s grace. According to him, one of the SARS officers told him that in the night, they will kill him and tag him a criminal.
Jero took to his Facebook page to narrate the terrible experience he had with SARS while coming back from Lagos on his way to Owerri.

His story reads;
“The last time I visited Nigeria, I couldn’t get a flight to Owerri from Lagos so I hired a Sienna to take me. We picked up a woman and her two sons within the ages of 25 – 30. At Benin, we were stopped by the so-called SARS. They couldn’t look at the two other boys because they were wearing nothing less than rags. The mother later told me she asked then to dress like that to disguise from SARS. They insisted I unlock my phones and I did after much hesitation and arguments. When they couldn’t find anything they said I should give them 1 million naira.
I asked them why I would have to pay that amount and they said for holding two expensive iPhones and a Samsung without the receipts.
They delayed us and later pushed me to a dirty unoccupied building nearby they use as temporary office. They even asked the driver to drop my bags and leave but the driver refused and keep begging them while I maintained my stand that I won’t pay a dime and that they should take me to their office.
After 3 hours, they searched my handbag and took the N385, 000 cash I had in it. They also refused to allow me to go insisting that I should find a way and transfer more money to them… thank God I didn’t have a bank app or card then cos I just came back.
When I saw that they are not ready to release my money or let me go, I asked them to take money they took from my handbag and let me go but they refused. I later heard one call the other one “Chijioke” and I quickly approached him and told him my name is Chijioke too. He then took me aside and asked me to find the other black guy who’s their boss and beg him so they can release me because if I continue with them till night that they might shoot me and tag me a criminal.
At last, I met the man and begged him. The Chijioke helped me beg him telling him that he just recognized me from somewhere. They released to go only on condition that I give them some Jean and shoes. I gave them and continued my journey.
I was lucky to have met one amongst them who made a way for me to go but what of those who ain’t?
Till this day, I swore never to take that Lagos – Owerri by road.
My brother, I took the pain of telling you this story so you will know that I’ve witnessed first hand the evil of this SARS. If I join the protest, will they still tag me a “yahoo boy”?”
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