‘Government Is Committed To Police Reforms’ – Osinbajo Assures #EndSARS Protesters

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Nigeria’s Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo has assured Nigerians who are still protesting that the Federal Government is committed to police reforms.
Addressing the concerns of protesters still on the streets, the Vice President said “I think the clear message is that there is a government commitment to ensuring that the process of reform is done and those who have committed wrongful acts are duly investigated and prosecuted. And whatever replaces SARS is something that is acceptable, first of all, in its compliance to all the tenets of the rule of law and human rights.”
He continued, “these are all issues that we are very deeply worried about. All of us are deeply concerned about it. Many young people have complained to me. I have also been involved in many cases trying to resolve these kinds of conduct.”
Prof. Osinbajo added that “I think it is a very good moment for the Police Force, a good moment for law enforcement and for all of us. This is the time for reform, a time for change and we are all committed to it.
“Everyone is committed to seeing a Police Force and also Law Enforcement that will meet the expectations of the Nigerian people. The purpose of law enforcement, the purpose of policing, is for the safety of lives and livelihoods of Nigerians. So, we are all committed to that, and I think that everyone is committed, we are all very committed to it.”
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