Islam Coming From Sahara Is Dangerous, Wants To Take Over Your Lands and Enslave You – Mailafia Asks Christians To Rise and Protect It

By Newsie Events Media:

Dr Obadiah Mailafia, the former Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, (CBN), has described the kind of Islam that is coming to Nigeria from the Sahara as a very dangerous one.

He noted that their only mission was to take over the lands of the Indigenous people in Nigeria and enslave them, adding that the aims of President Muhammadu Buhari administration is to Islamise the country.

Malifia made this assertion on Sunday, in Akure during a special session organized by Forum for Good Governance Towards Revival for All Nations (TRANS 21) with the theme “The Role of the Church in Nation Building.”

He said, “The kind of Islam that is coming from Sahara is dangerous. They want to take over your land and enslave you. Christians must rise to protect it. They want to take over your land and enslave you

“In the North East alone, more than 3000 churches have been destroyed, more than 400 priests and pastors have been killed. Last year, the CAN chairman of Adamawa was beheaded, even after a ransom was paid. We have been told that the so call bandits, who should not be called bandits because bandits do not bring down military aircraft.

“No bandit has the capacity to bring down military aircraft. No bandit has the power to attack Nigeria Defence Academy which is the premier institution for the training of armed forces. No bandit has the capacity to do that, only terrorists have the capacity to do that.
“We are being told that this terrorists are part of the insurgency because they did these kidnappings to raise money in order to fund the insurgency.”

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