Kabul Airport Terror Attack: Over 60 Killed, Including 12 American Marines, As ISIS Claims Responsibility (Photos)

By Newsie Events Media:

At least 60 people, including 12 American troops, and dozens of civilians. have reportedly been killed in two blasts, suspected to be suicide bombers that occured while reports also said there was a third blast which occured on Thursday at the Kabul’s international airport, in Afghanistan.

The attack which the terror group, ISIS has claimed responsibility for occurred hours after western intelligence agencies warned of an imminent and “very credible” terrorist threat.

A spokesman for the group on Thursday night, released a statement saying that they had carried out the attack on the Abbey Gate. He did not mention the second attack next to the Baron Hotel.

The spokesman shared a photo of a fighter posing with a gun while raising one finger in a prayer symbol, saying this was the man who detonated a bomb in a suicide attack.

According to reports, US and other western officials blamed the Afghan branch of Islamic State and voiced concern over fresh attacks at the airport, while the UK warned aircraft to avoid Afghan airspace under 25,000 feet because of the threat of surface to air missiles.

The Afghan health ministry was reported as saying that 60 civilians had died, with many more injured. US officials said 11 marines and a navy medic had died and 15 were injured. The death toll is expected to rise. According to a Taliban spokesperson, the victims included children.

A Pentagon official described a “complex attack” that appeared to have involved one suicide bombing close to the Abbey gate entrance to the airfield with the second occurring near the Baron hotel, which is where the British embassy is based.

The explosion took place amid frantic crowds of Afghans outside the airport, thousands of whom have gathered daily in the hope of escaping via the chaotic airlift, which the US says will be concluded by Tuesday at the latest.

US president, Joe Biden is yet to publicly respond to the attacks.

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