Over 100 Persons Abducted By Boko Haram Terrorists As They Attacked Borno Community

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The deadly members of Boko Haram have continued to cause mayhem that leads to deaths and destruction in Borno State.
In their latest attack in Kukawa, a town in Borno State, the sect reportedly abducted over 100 persons.
According to sources in the Civilian Joint Task Force, the insurgents drove into the town with over 20 trucks and announced their entry with sporadic gunshots, engaging the Nigerian troops stationed in the town for over 30 minutes.
In a Thisday news report, the insurgents reportedly abducted over 100 persons after they were able to suppress and push back the military.
“At around 4 pm on Tuesday, terrorists in about 20 trucks overran the town of Kukawa. They engaged soldiers guarding the people in a ferocious firefight.
After about 30 minutes of engaging the military in ferocious fire exchange, they (insurgents) were able to overpower them and went away with over 100 hostages,” a source said.
The Nigerian Army is yet to react to this recent development.