Police arrest man for setting his UK-based wife, brother-in-law ablaze, shortly after she returned to Lagos [Photos]

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A Nigerian man who disappeared after setting his UK-based wife alongside her only brother ablaze in Lagos, few hours after her return, has been arrested.

The returnee, identified as Chinyere Ogudoro, lives in Scotland with her children but returned to Nigeria alone on Thursday, March 31. She was picked from the airport by her brother and brought home.

Immediately her husband, Benjamin Nkemakolam Ogudoro, who’s from Ngor Okpalla LGA in Imo State, learnt that his wife returned to their Lagos home, he set her and her brother, who is an only son, ablaze.

According to the family of the deceased, Benjamin and Chinyere initially separated after he fought her with a machete but they later reconciled.

Benjamin also had a quarrel with his wife over a house she bought. He tried to sell the house but was surprised to see that his name was not on the documents of his wife’s property. This angered him and he sent her death threats.

He followed through on his threats when she returned to Nigeria.

After setting Chinyere and her brother ablaze, Benjamin fled and sent a message to his sister, claiming the house caught fire and he escaped.

However, before Chinyere’s brother died, he said Benjamin was the one who set them ablaze.

The bodies of Chinyere and her only brother have been deposited in the morgue.

The police have now arrested Benjamin.

“It’s painful we have to bury the Ada and Opara of our family,” a family member of the deceased said.

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