Reactions As Some Nigerians Call On Pastor Kumuyi To Speak Up Than Keeping Mute Over Alleged Sexual Abuse Of 12-Year-Old In Deeper Life School

By Newsie:-

Following the recent sexual abuse scandal involving a 12-year-old student of the Deeper Life High School, and the alleged threats on the mother of the sexually abused student, the General Overseer of the Deeper Christian Life Ministries, Pastor William Kumuyi has come under attack for his silence on the whole issue.

It would be recalled that on Thursday, Deborah Okezie, the mother of Don Davis, the Deeper Life High School student that was sexually abused, raised an alarm of threat to her life, accusing some officials of the Akwa Ibom State Government and some parents of indicted students of intimidation.

Her recent claims of threat to her life came after the initial outcry that her son was starved and molested by some senior school students in the school.

However, notwithstanding that the deeper life ministry has pledged to get justice for Don Davis, some Nigerians have been wondering why the General Overseer of the Deeper Life Church, Pastor Kumuyi has kept quiet since the story started.

According to Daily Post reports, these Nigerians on Monday, took to their Twitter page to call on the G.O to take immediate action and personally speak on the issue.

Here are some of their comments gathered from Twitter:

@M_Acoi “For someone who preaches against wickedness and immorality, Pastor Kumuyi has been too calm on this case. Sir, speak up and help speed up the ‘investigation’ if there’s any indeed Practice your preaching sir.”

@Cosmos “Sexual molestation is a great offence.

Pastor Kumuyi shouldn’t be silent on this, the entire sch management shud be arrested n questioned for this act of negligence.”

@SirWilliam “Pastor Kumuyi of the Deeper Life Church cared about the mental Health of young boys.Don Davis mother would have received Justice.It is unchristian to sweep abuse of a young boy under the carpet, Jesus won’t approve.”

@Vamara “The mother’s tears moved me, her tears shouldn’t be in vain.We demand justice for her son.

She has literally cried so much that her voice is cracked and you want us to remain quiet? Pastor Kumuyi speak,if it’s to condemn girls on trousers now or earrings, you will oh.”

@Acedouglas1 “Pastor kumuyi is too quiet for someone who sternly preaches against immorality and wickedness. Davies was molested and raped by horrible boys in that school.”

@VivicaOjiri “Where is Pastor Kumuyi or is he unaware of what’s happening? If he even cared,he would have carried the matter on his head.Rubbish See fine boy that was full of flesh now looks skinny.”

@AuntyFeyi “What has Pastor Kumuyi said about this issue?? His voice is too low for someone who screams about immorality…Davis was abused and raped by horrible boys, Davis is one out of the victims in that school!

@PierrePetr “This matter shouldn’t be neglected, it should be looked into, the boy’s psychological and mental health is affected and if he doesn’t get a sense of Justice he might remain like that for a long time or even forever. Pastor Kumuyi please look into this.”

@Yan_zzy “Pastor Kumuyi Sternly Preaches against Lies, Evil & Wickedness, why is the Deeper Life School in Akwa Ibom oppressing a 12-year-old student & the Family? These are the times to practice all they preach & bring the offenders to book.”

However, some people urged others to be patient with Pastor Kumuyi on the matter and not be quick to judge.

@JudeIko “Don’t be too Quick to drag Pastor Kumuyi. Kumuyi is a Man of integrity, justice will be served for Davis.”

@TimiPR “Pastor Kumuyi is the general superintendent of the church and I know he doesn’t oversee Deeper Life High School. The church made a statement already and they’ve promised us justice. Leave the old man alone and channel the energy to bring the culprits to book.”

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