Woman Paid $2.4 million after wrongful arrest while naked

By Simdi Gloria:-

Fremont County in Colorado was forced to shell out $2.4million last week to a woman identified as Carolyn O’Neal who was wrongfully arrested while nude in May 2014.

Carolyn O’Neal was arrested in her own apartment during a welfare check when officers came to check on her after it was reported she may harm herself at a sober living facility in Cañon City.

O’Neal reportedly came to the door to respond to officers but asked them to go away because she was naked and was preparing to take a bath and She also said she was not going to harm herself.

Despite her pleas, the three male officers used their own key to enter her apartment.

She was thrown on the bed before arresting her while she remained naked, covered only by a blanket as she was led out of her apartment during the day.

According to the Denver Post, O’Neal was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, with both charges later being dismissed.

“This was an outrageous case,’ said O’Neal’s lawyer, David Lane. ‘Law enforcement officers who believed they were above the law got smacked down hard by a jury. And unfortunately, this costs the taxpayers of Fremont County a lot of money.

‘But I hope it inspires the citizenry to demand accountability from law enforcement — otherwise, it’s coming out of their pockets.’

While in jail, O’Neal was placed in a restraint chair with her arms and torso tied up, as well as a spit mask on her face.

When the officers tried strapping her legs back into the chair after letting them be free for a period of time, O’Neal resisted, leading deputies to shock her with a Taser twice.

She spent four hours in the restraining chair and 12 hours in jail before being given a fresh uniform.

It was stated by a lane that in the past that O’Neal suffers from mental health problems, as well as PTSD.

Originally, O’Neal was award $3.6million by a jury in April 2019.

‘This jury sent them the loudest, clearest message,’ Lane said to the Denver Post at the time. ‘We the people are not going to put up with constitutional violations from law enforcement officers.’

The award was later reduced to $2.1million by a Judge which both sides of O’Neal’s lawsuit appealed, leading to this week’s new ruling.

The case ultimately came to an end when Fremont County dropped their appeal last week and agreed to pay the $2.4million reward.

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