2023 Elections will be about job creation – Group

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A group known as The Advocacy for Job Creation (A4JC) has come out to declare that 2023 election must be driven by issues of job creation and only candidates who can create jobs as well as create the favorable conditions for businesses to emerge and thrive.

Speaking at a Press Conference in Enugu, the lead partner of the group, Daniel Nnaji said that it is time for real issues to drive Elections in Nigeria. He said that the group has been monitoring unemployment statistics and policies of different governments on job creation. He lamented that the government has performed woefully as unemployment rate continues to skyrocket and more businesses struggle or close shop. He added that in the coming weeks, the group will release a “Name and Shame” list where they will publish the names of political office holders that have contributed to this unemployment crises in Nigeria.

Mr Nnadozie Kanu, added that the group is serious about mobilizing the millions of unemployed and underemployed youths into voting only for candidates that have the capacity to create jobs.

When asked about what the group will do about elites, godfathers and power brokers who decide who becomes what in the country, one of the group’s general Secretary Mr. Caleb Onyeabor replied that ” It will not be business as usual come 2023. People don’t need rice no more. The habit of bribing people with a bowl of rice during elections will not work again. People don’t need 500 naira and 1000 naira no more. Buying people’s vote for a paltry 500 or 1000 naira only to give them bad governance for 4 years must stop. A vast majority of people are poor, unemployed and hungry therefore, they are angry. What they need is jobs, jobs and more jobs. Caleb adds that the group represents millions of unemployed and underemployed youths whose votes will determine wins or loses and they are ready to mobilize themselves to ensure that the right candidates emerge. If the godfathers and elites want to continue imposing incapable candidates, they are calling for more social problems and millions of poor and unemployed youths are becoming restive and they are ready to confront bad governance and its fruits. The youths affected are a force to reckon with and we will see that play in the elections. Caleb added.

The Advocacy for Job Creation A4JC is a non government organization championing the cause for job creation as the panacea to the vast poverty and unemployment in Nigeria. The group monitors government job creation policies, evaluates the economic policies of government at different levels, recommends sound job creation policies to government while mobilizing youths to hold government accountable. The group also organizes skill acquisition trainings, facilitate loans and grant for small businesses among others.

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