2023 General Elections: In public opinion, 70% Nigerians believe their vote will not count – Mr. Emeka Ngoka

Sue for quality education.

By Divine Sam

Mr. Emeka Ngoka a multinational business merchant from Imo State has said that percentage of electorates in Nigeria are already endowed with the perception that even if they cast their vote to the choice of the person they want in Governance, their vote will not be counted as a result of irregularities from the polity that guides the conduct of the elections.

Emeka said electoral fraud and malpractice activities has occurred severally in the Nigerian system, therefore no-one should blame those building up for self defence as their vote will not be counted in 2023.

Mr. Ngoka, a Canadian based Nigerian business guru, who talked to our correspondent on December 9th, 2021 at Tower of Ivory schools Ediene Abak, Abak LGA Akwa Ibom State South South Nigeria during Christmas Carol for the children in elementary school, noted that in the western regions votes are counted whenever elections exercise is taken place but regret that the situation is not the same in the Nigerian system.

Emeka who was very emotional on the corruptible style of electoral conduct in the country also frowned at the dichotomy in Nigeria, the split into various ethnic groups whose leaders are only striving for their self-catering instead of collective benefits of the masses.

He said, the country cannot guarantee a better educational service to what is obtainable in the western region because of electoral malpractices that succeed in producing incompetent persons to man the affairs of the Nation.

“there is no how we can have standard of education we want in Nigeria because many of those in power are not academically sound and some of them that are sound, their children are schooling outside the country”

He commended the management of Tower of Ivory schools Nigeria for sustainability of standard education in the college. If Nigeria can afford the quality of education that is trainable in Tower of Ivory schools then the future of our children is guaranteed.

Nigeria need the right sense of leaders to change the affairs of this country otherwise in the next 10 years this geographical region called Nigeria will not be anymore.


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