National Dev: Ogun Poly Rector calls on State, FG to invest properly in technical education

By Simdi Gloria:

Dr. Isaiah Oyeyinka Rector, Gateway ICT polytechnic Ogun State has called on the state and federal governments to invest properly in technical and engineering courses for the technological advancements of the country.

He stated this whilst speaking with Vanguard in Abeokuta, Ogun State. He said the government should adequately fund research works and their implementations so that Nigeria could compete favourably with other advanced countries.

He noted that with the array of engineers and scientists in the country, “we should be able to think and invent some simple machines that will make life easier for Nigerians.”
We should be able to think as a nation and come up with inventions that will make life easier for us. But as it is now, nobody is doing anything. This is what other nations do to excel.

“During COVID 19, our polytechnic produced mobile dispensers. We also produced some mechanical hand washing machines but beyond COVID 19, we are trying to do some things that are novel. We want to produce simple machines that will make life easier for us.

“Each time I drive on the express road, I see sand taking over almost half of the road when we can have simple machine that will pass through that place and suck it out. We can invent machine that will work for us”.

Dr. Oyeyinka mentioned that the State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, had been a great source of inspiration and encouragement to the institution.

“We have keyed into his vision. We are investing in engineering a lot; renewable energy engineering, mechanical engineering are already in place. We are even trying to do some commercialisation so that the students can see the practical work going on”.

The Rector said since the institution focuses on ICT, “all the things we do about ICT on our campus, we do them ourselves. All the programmes that we run on our campus were written by our students and staff and there are so many of them. For example, our exam is hundred per cent perfect because the biometric that we use is good and that makes impersonation to be reduced to zero levels because before you enter the exam hall, the laptop will bring out your details through finger print, that’s totally our product and a lot of them.

“All our registrations are done online you won’t see anywhere on campus where they are registering manually. Anywhere I am, I can tap my phone and see information about any staff and that has already been perfected”.

“We are also coming up with biometric attendance system for our students and staff. Attendance taking for students will be through thumb printing and at the end of the semester, any student who does not meet up to seventy percent attendance, the system will show it. We have done a lot in terms of software”.

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