Doyin Okukpe Commends #EndSars Protesters, Advises Them On What To Do Next

By Chinenye Festus:-
Doyin Okukpe took to his official Twitter handle to address the EndSars protesters, commending them for their efforts in making sure a new nation is born.
Okukpe, who was the Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to the former President, Goodluck Jonathan, however, asked the protesters to toe the line of dialogue as they have aired their grievances.
It would be recalled that for about a week now, Nigerian youths have been marching on the streets of the country’s cities in protest against a notorious police unit who has terrorized youths for so long.
SARS, Special Anti Robbery Squad was a unit of the Nigerian police supposedly created to fight crime, kidnapping, and banditry, etc.
But, the public outcry proves that the outfit left what it was created to do and focused on intimidating youths, youth Harassment, maiming, extortion, and outright killing of Nigerian youths, hence the protests.
Okukpe, therefore, asked the youths to structure themselves and get ready to meet the government at the table for discussion on their demands.
See Okukpe’s full statement below;

“Our dear gallant youths, you have done well and virtually the whole nation is proud of you.
You have accomplished much and you must gain maximally from this unprecendented national achievements.
You really have #sorosoke with no disguise. #Thread
I want to particularly ask you to note that in all dealings with governments and sovereignties worldwide, and throughout all history, including wars, everything ends on the negotiating table.
Yes! It all and always ends up on the table.
You must be ready to go to table soonest lest you lose your momentum and colossal gains and citizens support.
Please observe that the government has demonstrated ready acquiesces to virtually all your demands.
Secondly, it is obvious they have adopted a policy of non interference with your protests. Please never for one imagine that you have cowed government. It takes much more than is happening now to do so.
For as long as they keep accepting your demands and they rail to apply force or try to stop you, very soon the treath to your continued success will not come from government but the masses who though are with you now, but when their daily bread existence and wellbeing begin to be threatened they will make a turn around, and it will not be funny.
Therefore, please prepare to go to the table with the authorities who are already primed to be receptive.
To go to the table you need two things.
1. A Leadership Structure
2. Well articulated compilation of your demands which must be comprehensive and addressing all areas where leadership and government have failed over the years.
All state leaders so elected will come together virtually or physically and select National Leaders, ensuring state is represented.Each state, those who want to offer themselves can be registered with their CVs and bio data.
Choose a date and let all your folks who must have registered online to vote, vote for them. Pick the first 10 or 12 or any number you choose to constitute your state leaders.
With this team in place and your propositions at hand you can approach the government and begin the historic talk.
Our eyes and our hopes are on you. The nation’s destiny is in your hands. You have a unique opportuinity to put your names in gold in the annals of our National History if not National Treasure.”

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