#EndSARS: Medical doctor gives update on Lekki gunshot victims, how many that died (video)

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A medical doctor at Doren hospital in Lekki, where some victims of the Lekki toll gate shootings were taken to, has given an update on patients, LIB reports.
The doctor explained that over 20 patients were brought in. Some got sutured and chose to leave soon after. Those placed on admission were 17 in number, he said. He added that one that was shot in the heart, died.
They now need an ambulance to transport two patients to a different hospital where there is a vascular surgeon available.
One of the patients needing transfer was shot in the lung. The other was shot in the leg and the blood vessel was affected.
The doctor said the two patients need to be transferred because “they’ve passed our capacity to care for them.”
He added that the one who was shot in the lung needs to have his chest opened.
He further stated that another victim is currently in the theatre, undergoing surgery.
A number of other hospitals around the Lekki area also admitted victims of the toll gate shootings. At the moment, the total number of those killed and those injured are not known.
Below is a video of the doctor giving an update.