#ENDSARSNOW: We Must Find A Balance – Amb. Gospel Edoho John (GEJ)

Newsie Events:- #Opinion By Amb. Gospel Edoho John (GEJ)
The recent days have witnessed diverse protest against the Special Anti-robbery Squad, SARS Department of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF). Whereas being tactful is not cowardice, peaceful protesters of which I am in full support of every democratic move and freedom of expression must not resort to rash. In our crusade for social change and justice, we must find a balance and be tactful lest social activism turns out to become political anarchy, where hoodlums have a field day in a riot.
We must understand that some people do not care about the agenda, some do not even know why they are protesting but just happy to be part of a social movement, in scratching and breaking vehicle side mirrors, some to scatter people’s business premises all for their self hooliganism, yet the agenda becomes a bull in a china shop. For those transforming from #EndSARSNow to Buhari-Must-Step-Down resignation antics, isn’t that calling for the agenda of reforming the Police to become publicly bastardized and the resultant effect catastrophic?
In a country where every scene action receives political connotation, we must apply caution in all of our actions. Many will prefer the outcry snowballs into anarchy, then the government will resort to the use of force, where it roams about seeking ways to meet its violence in disguise of security for which this protest seeks to address.
If we choose to block the major roads and sleep there, hell with meet with the Police and Army. Had I known! Ordinary citizens will suffer it and social media protesters who inspire all sorts will be safe at homes reporting still the free for all violence. I have organized and taken part in peaceful demonstration before now and still does, giving my sociological understanding of social movement, it is wise to suggest that #ENDSARSNOW Protesters find leadership, and define this mission in clear demands to the government because often those who get intoxicated by a newfound activism status do not recognize that people are dying in different climbs by this action. At least we shouldn’t end death by more deaths. In the US, troops were sent to disperse protesters once violence set in, that still is democracy, yet in a lawless country like Nigeria, the poor masses bear the loss of their lives in lawful arms. So CAUTION is demanded now and always. Even the unholy Arab spring in different countries had a leadership talk more of a scene action of collective National Security. As our voices get heard it will run and soar someday, and all indecorous treatment on peaceful protesters will receive the glamourous light of its action.
Just to say a few, let’s be organised and cautious. A leader should have our submission and plea our plight just as YIAGA saved the #NotTooYoungToRun.
Best Regards.
Stay Safe.
Amb. Gospel Edoho John is a public affairs analyst,
a social work practitioner, and researcher.
Chairman Young Progressives Party, YPP Eket.
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