Rapper Erigga says ‘hoodlums’ are the children of the poor you denied quality education

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Erigga, a popular Nigerian Rapper has reacted to the rate of looting and wanton destruction of properties currently ongoing in the country by some criminal elements in the society.
It would be recalled that the peaceful #EndSARS protest was hijacked by “hoodlums”who by their criminal actions, rubbished the very good intent of the protest which was meant to awaken the leaders to their responsibilities which seemed abandoned by them.
According to Erigga, these criminal elements referred to as ‘hoodlums’ are the children of the poor who could not get quality education.

Erigga made this salient point via his verified Twitter handle;
His post reads ;
“The hoodlums are the children of the poor you denied quality education. Let that sink in”

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