See Photos of men That cut off security cameras at the Lekki toll gate moments before the carnage by the Nigerian Government started

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Moments before carrying out a carnage on unarmed, peaceful protesters by the Nigeria armed forces at the Lekki Toll Gate, a photo of two men removing the security cameras surfaced online.

The Nigerian who shared the photo via the micro blogging platform, Twitter wrote;
“Guys please I don’t know how to verify these men, dem just come the lekki toll gate and cut off the security cameras. Saying they are from the government, hmm.’
Twitter users were alarmed by this and warned that a crime was about to be committed that wasn’t meant to be caught on camera and everything went down exactly the way they envisaged it.

Since the killings which claimed many lives and so many others in intensive units of different hospitals gasping for breath and fighting to be alive, known political figures, and celebrities from the U.S has condemned the killing.
Meanwhile, Former U.S secretary of state, Hillary Clinton called on Buhari to stop killing innocent #EndSARS protesters. Her husband, who was the former U.S president, Bill Clinton, has also lent his voice and condemned the murdering of youths who were doing a legitimate protests.
Rihanna, Beyonce, Trevor Noah are among the celebrities that have showed their support in the mourning period.
It must be known that hours after the carnage, the Federal government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari has not made any statement regarding the killing.
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