I actually wanted to beat up Eminem says Nick Cannon (Video)

Nick Cannon, who recently had a go at Eminem with a few diss tracks, made a visit to VladTV for a new interview where he revealed about actually went hunting Eminem. “I went looking for that motherfu**er. I went to Detroit.” said Nick.”He do not live in Detroit. He do not live nowhere near 7th or 8th mile. He lives in Michigan and rightly so. He is supposed to come up. I believe it was the BET Awards. Like I said, at the time I was managed by Chris Lightly, musically at the time, so was Mariah, Chris was managing 50 and he was talking to Paul all the time, this is more than a decade ago.”
Nick Continues, “Everybody knew how serious I was. I was there to defend my wife. I ain’t give a F**k about no lyrics, you said some disrespectful shit about my wife and I’m going to beat your a**. That was my mentality in 2009, whatever year that was. Eminem was supposed to do that Jake Gyllenhaal boxing movie and he was training.”
“I was at a fight one time, I box and stuff, and he was like, ‘Yo, he ready for you. I was like, ‘Set it up E! All money goes to charity. You know I will do this. This is all I wanted. Real Talk, I wanted to match whatever energy he is on. I know I ain’t gonna out rap the Muthaf**ka but I was like, ‘Yo, if you got a problem with me and my wife, talking that shit’ you gotta be able to deal with the consequences that come with your mouth. Simple as that.” Watch the full thing below.
Source: Hiphop2x7.com
Watch: Nick Cannon Talks About Eminem & Revealed About Actually Going to Detroit to Beat Him Up