Ramadan lecture: Hamad Labeed, Alfa Eleko charge AR RAYD group of companies on integrity, transparency.

call for unity

By Divine Sam

the need for businessmen to imbibe in the practice of integrity and sincerity while dealing with their clients and customers in their divers businesses has once again been emphasis.

Fooilate Sheikh Alhaji Hamad Labeed stated this while delivering Ramadan lecture organized by AR RAYD Autos group of companies in Ibadan, Oyo state capital.

Hamad who was the guest lecturer said the only way business can strive under the current economic stimulus is for businessmen to engage in transparency, sincerity and honesty with their customers and clients.

He commended the unity of the companies, coming together to associate themselves against religious beliefs and tribalism. Fooilate Sheikh said the only way the autos companies can grow to the expected dimension is when they allow honesty and sincerity to be their watchword.

Labeed called for unity and sincerity among the CEOs of each companies to enable their dream of outgrowing the firm to materialize.

In his teachings, the guest speaker Sheikh Alhaji Lateef Falaki called on the CEOs to boycott any form of malpractices, dubiousness, because they are antidotes to progress of businesses.

speaking with newsieevents the chief host Fooilate Sheikh Mustapha Osani extolled the leadership qualities of the autos companies especially when it comes to transparency, sincerity among the CEOs to their clients.

speaking on behalf of the Chief host Alhaji Ismail said they lecture was satisfactory, educating, inspiring and as well entertaining.

He said, unity and sincerity in business are the only ways possible to survive under the current economic predicament of the country.

Alhaji Ismail assure that the teachings given to them by the speaker and guest lecturer will help not just AR RAYD Autos group of companies but other organizations to grow when put to honesty to practice.

interestingly, the lectures also features prayers from Alfas and various Muslim spiritual fathers that grace the ceremony