REPS Order StarTimes To Revert To Old Tariff Plan Within Two Weeks

…. Decries insensitivity of Cable TV Providers
… Commends Star Times for taking the lead in PAYG implementation
By Divine Sam:-
The House of Representatives has ordered Star-Times, a Cable TV Service Provider, to revert to the old tariff plan for its services within two weeks.
This order was handed down by the Ad hoc Committee investigating non-implementation of Pay As You Go Tariff Plan by Cable TV Service Providers in Nigeria, during its meeting in Abuja with management of Star-Times.
Handing down the order, the Committee’s Chairman, Rep. Unyime Idem decried that the timing for the increment was wrong considering the harsh economic realities occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic. Rep Idem also commended the management of Star Times for taking the lead in switching over to Pay As You Go Tariff.
“Nigerians are not happy over the recent price increase by your Company. We are in limbo at the matrix used to arrive at the current price regime. The timing for the increment was wrong, unfortunate and insensitive considering the harsh economic realities occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic. We will like Star-Times to as a matter of urgency revert to the old subscription tariff in the interest of Nigerians. Also, so many companies are saying that Pay As You Go is not achievable in this country. Interestingly, Star Times has already taken the bold step to achieve that. We must commend the Company for this feat. Our mandate as a Committee is simple; there is no going back on the implementation of Pay As You Go/Pay Per View Tariff Plan in Nigeria.”
Responding the Star-Times promised to review the tariff plan downward but appealed for palliatives from government. The Managing Director of Star-Times, David Zhang cited new VAT regime, the volatile exchange rate of the naira, and cost of power generation as reasons for the price hike. The Chief Operating Officer of Star-Times, Tunde Aina added that Pay as You Go Tariff is possible even as the Company has already commenced implementation to ensure that its services get to all Nigerians at an affordable rate.
Tunde Aina further explained that Pay As You Go/Pay Per View Tariff Plan is a business model that gives people the opportunity who do not want to watch TV every day either because they cannot afford it or because they don’t have time to do so. Aina said the Star Time Model gives such people the opportunity to pay only for the days they watch Cable TV and also make Pay TV affordable for every Nigerian.
Meanwhile, Multichoice Limited, owners of DSTV, the major Cable TV service provider in Nigeria is billed to appear before the Ad hoc Committee next week Tuesday, August 25, 2020.