Salle moved to tears as Rihanna Links her up with CNN’s Christiane Amampour for interview (Video)

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Salle, the young Nigerian 17-year-old hawker, who went viral after she was captured in a video showcasing her angelic voice will probably be the next big thing to hit the Nigerian entertainment industry.

The young lady who garnered attention after a video of her singing went viral on social media as she was singing one of her favourite songs.

She was loved by many especially with the fact that she appeared to look very wretched in the video yet she is blessed with the voice of an angel.

Salle took to her Instagram page to excitedly spread the news that Rihanna, the top American singer called her on phone.

It was gathered that Rihanna, having touched by Salle’s voice, reached out to CNN’s Christiane Amampour and pleaded with her to bring Salle to her show, which she obliged.

This is indeed a breakthrough for the Young street girl from Nigeria with the voice of an angel.
Meanwhile, following her surprised call with American superstar Rihanna, CNN’S Christiane Amampour then asked Salle for an interview on her.

Watch Video Below;

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