Will Smith Treatment: Ubi Franklin calls out Bovi for talking about him and his kids while hosting the Headies in 2021, issues warning general public

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Following the Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscar saga, Music artist manager, Ubi Franklin has called out Comedian Bovi for making jokes about him and his kids during the 2021 headies award.

Ubi Franklin took to Instagram to also warn people who mock him and bring his kids into it.

This comes after Nollywood actor and rapper Will Smith went up on stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett’s, haircut at the Oscars on Sunday, March 28.

Sharing a video that captured the moment Smith gave Rock a slap for his joke, Ubi noted that henceforth, anyone who mocks him and his kids will get a similar treatment, while calling out Bovi

“This is the way now, you yab me we get on it straight. Or you yab me and I yab you with receipts of the things the world don’t know right on my page here and we will go anywhere you want from there. Comedy should not be used as a decoy to disrespect people on National TV.

BOVI, you did this at last year’s “Headies” and I sent your friends and close alleys to warn you, Do not try it again. I am struggling with stuff and trying to put myself Ubi Franklin has issued a warning to the public after he called out Bovi for making jokes about him and his kids while hosting the Headies in 2021.together and you go on live TV to talk about my kids? BOVI? Until next time. Thank you.” He wrote.

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