Desperation: Otoro ward 1 Councilorship candidate in Forgery Mess.(See Documents)

By Divine Sam-:
Mr Udeme Okon Abraham, the Councilorship candidate under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been allegedly caught on His Fraudulent Behaviour (Forgery/Impersonation) And criminal Tendencies. The people are therefore demanding that he Must be disqualified immediately from the Councilorship Contest Based on the facts on ground.
A thorough investigation carried out on Mr Udeme Abraham confirmed that the ‘dude’ is a secret fraudster. Also, it has been unveiled that Udeme is not a registered voter with Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), and therefore can neither vote nor be voted for.
Udeme Abraham’s desperate attempt to smuggle himself into the race caused him to fraudulently embarked on criminal forgery/Impersonation of his late father’s party credentials Abraham, Okon A. Voters card no. 90F5B20C3E295266692, Unit 005, Otoro Ward 1, no. 13, page no. 40 defacing the voter’s card in that process.

Such an act is a very serious and abnormal criminal offence liable under Akwa Ibom State Criminal Code, an offence, that carries serious punishment. Photocopy of INEC Register in this respect attaches to this report.

Meanwhile, another investigation carried out in Port Harcourt Rivers State capital also confirms that Mr. Udeme is a notorious fraudster in Port Harcourt with a scammed record all over his profile.
Atai Otoro village is like the capital of Otoro ward one, and after how many years of not producing a Councilor will not accept the candidacy of Mr. Udeme Abraham for his forgery conduct and dishonesty.
If we have been able to stop a fraudster for second term in Abak, Atai Otoro village will not be the leading Community to patronizing fraud by producing a fraud and forgery representative to the Abak legislative council.
There are excess graduates in Atai Otoro village as the only demands for Councilor, therefore we called on the appropriate authority legally to step into this mess as Atai Otoro village does not want to indulge nor harbor a fraudster and forgery as a representative of the innocent people.
Let the open justifiable fight begins to take this imposition and injustice to a close.