Comedian Osama alleges, “OAP Nedu ex-wife’s son belongs to her sister’s husband” – spills dirty details

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Nigerian comedian, Osama has taken to social media to defend OAP, Nedu, after his wife, Hazel, accused him of physically assaulting her few weeks after she had a cesarean section.

However, Nedu had come out to clear his name and countered her allegations with receipts. He revealed that their marriage ended over infidelity and paternity fraud as he is not the father of ‘their’ first son.

Osama, in a post he shared on his Instagram page, has now spilled more damning details about Hazel and alleged that her brother-in-law is the real father of her son, which she claimed was Nedu’s. Osama also alleged that she used to practice lesbianism in her matrimonial home.

Comedian Osama

He wrote,
“If Nedu wont talk about this issue, I will. I have been there from day one and I know everything, not just me, plenti other people.
The domestic violence this woman is claiming is funny because Nedu is even the one suffering the domestic violence. He had to run out of the house in 2017 without any clothes, just his car.
This woman in question most times attacks him so bad that he even locks the door sometimes for his safety. You can see the video on the slide.
Madam @hazel_uzor did you tell them that the pregnancy that made both of you marry turned out not to be Nedu’s child? Did you tell them also that the child belongs to your elder sisters husband.
Did you also tell them how you invite your lesbian partners to the house to sleep with them while you were under his roof…
Madam no let me talk…bacause gist plenti…
See the DNA of the boy and a picture of your injury on him.
Do you know that the day this woman attacked Nedu at the office and inflicted injuries on him, he had to run naked into this office.
Make I continue to talk?
Because gist plenti.
Don’t bring a good man down because of your hatred for his success.
You should be ashamed of yourself @nedu_wazobiafm”

See a copy of the DNA test below,

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