COVID-19: Oxygen shortage leaves 6 patients dead in Pakistani hospital.

By Simdi Gloria:-

Six Covid 19 patients died as a result of negligence in a delayed supply of oxygen to a hospital in northwest Pakistan, as the country battles a second wave of the epidemic according to officials.

At a government-run hospital in Peshawar, more than 200 patients — including about 100 with coronavirus were left for hours with limited supplies of oxygen.

The Provincial Health Minister Taimur Saleem Jhagra in a Press Conference confirmed the incident saying, “The sad incident happened due to lack of central oxygen supply in the hospital,”

“We will hold an inquiry and get to the bottom of the incident,” he added, promising action against those responsible “for this criminal negligence”.

Farhad Khan, the Hospital spokesman said the disruption in oxygen supplies affected some 200 people, “including 96 COVID-19 patients”.

A private supplier was blamed.
The Rawalpindi-based company had “failed to meet the growing demand”, he said.

Since the virus arrived in late February, Pakistan has reported more than 4,00,000 cases of coronavirus — including over 8,000 deaths.

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