Health BENEFITS of water plantain (alisma plantago-aquatica) By Noeline

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Water plantain is a perennial plant that grows in a cold climate. It grows up to 1.2m The water plantain plant is a diuretic, best used for to treat kidney, liver problems and urinary tract infections.
It helps get rid of excess water in the body.
It helps in more urine production in the body. This way it treats a number of diseases like Edema, Diarrhea, Bloating and difficult Urination.
It is an Expectorant and helps in expelling Phlegm from the body
It is known as “cooling herb”
It treats dizziness and ringing in the ear .
Roasted plantain fruit is good for men having problems associated with premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea, watery semen and nightly emission.
The plant parts are used medically to treat different diseases. The edible parts of the plant are the leaves and the root.
The fresh leaves and roots of water plantain are toxic. The leaves are heated and the root is dried before using to nullify the toxicity effect.
The leaves possess antibacterial,anticholesterolemic and hypotensive properties. They are used in the treatment of cystitis ,dysentery and kidney stones. The fresh leaves are rubefacient in nature. A poultice of leave is used in topically to heal bruises and swelling .
The root is acrid in taste, its harvested before the plant flowers and dried fore later use. The root should be dried or boiled thoroughly before consuming. It is used in the treatment of diseases associated with kidney like, Oliguria and Nephritis. It also treats fatty liver and cholesterolaemia.
The Essential oil of the root is very beneficial medicinal. It is an antibacterial, anticholesterolemic ,diuretic and hypotensive in nature. It helps in lowering of blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The antibacterial action of the root prevents the body from infection causing bacteria.
The stem of the water plantain is dried and used for consumption. It can be grated and taken with water . It is a good remedy for digestive disorders, heartburn, cramps and stomach flu.
The powdered form of the seed is astringent in nature, it’s used to heal bleeding.
Side effects, risk factors and cautions for water plantain
It may cause skin irritation
Avoid use during pregnancy and breastfeeding
Excess intake may cause haematoma,
Abdominal pains.
Drug interactions
Please do not take diuretic medications while taking water plantain
The root and the seed of the plant promotes sterility, on the contrary the whole plant promotes conception. Please consult your doctor or physician before taking water plantain.
Let’s eat and live healthy using our natural fruits,roots and herbs.
By Noeline
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