Adesina and Ngozi: What future Nigerian Presidents should learn from President Jonathan By Caleb Onyeabor

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The first sign of the competence of a Leader is in the kind of the people he chooses to work with.
The Jonathan administration must have had its high and low but there is no denying the fact that the administration chose technocrats over politicians. This could be partly responsible for some of the successes it recorded while in power. Two of these technocrats that have continued to soar even after serving in the Jonathan Government are the former ministers of agriculture, Adesina, and of finance, Ngozi Okonji Iweala.
After serving in Jonathan’s government, Adesina went ahead to become the President of the African Development Bank (AFDB), a position he has been elected to serve for a second term.
Ngozi on the other hand has gone ahead to become a top candidate for the position of the head of the world trade organization and stand a chance to clinch the position. The fact that she made it to the finals of the screening is proof of her expertise.
One pertinent thing to note is that despite serving in the cabinet of a rival government, the duo has received the support of the current government. In fact, President Muhammad Buhari stood solidly behind Adesina during his travails with the allegations levied upon him by the United States of America.
Ngozi and Adesina successfully made sure that they didn’t mingle politics with their management duties as ministers under Jonathan. This is why even the Buhari government that seems to go against everything the Jonathan administration ever did, do not have a problem identifying with the competence and quality in these individuals.
They have become a source of national pride to Nigeria by representing Nigeria at the highest level in the international scene.
This puts up a case for the Nigerian government to prioritise expertise over politics in the appointment of people who will serve in delicate positions as ministers. I can’t imagine Amaechi or Ngige or Lai Mohammed going international after their stint with the current government. I doubt the possibility of these current ministers being in the good books of a new administration from a different political divide.
Building a result-oriented government can only be possible if experts are left to do the job meant for experts.
If there’s one thing successive government can learn from the administration of Jonathan, it is to appoint experts as ministers, people that will make Nigeria proud just like Ngozi and Adesina.
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