Finally, Facebook Is Taking Down Group Pages Linked To QAnon, A Pro Trump Conspiracy Theorists

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After facing mounting pressure, Facebook is finally taking down nearly 800 Facebook Groups tied to QAnon, a wide-ranging set of pro-Trump conspiracy theorists that have been linked to numerous acts of violence.
Facebook announced in a blog post that at least 790 groups, 100 pages, and 1,500 QAnon-related ads have been removed from its platform.
The social media company was said to have also restricted activities of 1,950 groups, 440 pages, and 10,000 accounts that have interacted with QAnon-related content in the last few months.
QAnon is described as, “a conspiracy theory alleging that a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles running a global child sex-trafficking ring is plotting against President Donald Trump, who is battling against the cabal, and that Trump is planning a day of reckoning known as “The Storm” when thousands of members of the cabal will be arrested.”
Facebook on Tuesday announced even stiffer sanctions, saying, “Starting today, we will remove Facebook Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts,” that have any link with QAnon content.
The move is coming more than two months after Twitter removed over 7,000 accounts and limited activities of 150,000 others for having links to QAnon content.
The micro-blogging platform altered its algorithm to reduce spread of the conspiracy theory, by stopping the recommendation of accounts and content related to QAnon.


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