Jamaica set to remove Queen Elizabeth as head of state

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The caribbean country, Jamaica has expressed commitment towards the removal of the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II as the country’s head of state.

Jamaican Prime Minister, Andrew Holness communicated the country’s decision during the recent visit of Prince Williams and Kate as part of their tour in the Caribbean.

The Prime Minister stated that, “there are issues here which as you would know are unresolved.”
“But Jamaica is, as you would see, a country that is very proud … and we’re moving on. And we intend … to fulfil our true ambition of being an independent, fully developed and prosperous country.”

The Jamaicans call for Queen’s removal came at the backdrop of the recent removal her majesty by the former colony, Barbados.

The bold decision from the Barbadians was seen as a clear example which could trigger a wide participation by all other countries in the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, the prime Minister’s comment fed directly into the general call from the people. Prior to the arrival of the Prince and his wife, there was a general outrage with massive protest, objecting the visit.

Upon their Arrival, protestors thronged the Embassy and the streets to represent their displeasure, demand reparations for slavery and also an apology from the Royal family.

[Culled From The Gambia]

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