Journalist who interviewed Taliban spokesman fears for her life, flees Afghanistan

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An Afghanistan female journalist, Beheshta Arghand, who made history in the country by conducting a ground-breaking interview with a Taliban spokesman on August 17, has fled the country because “she is afraid the militant group will kill her.”
Arghand became an instant sensation with the interview on TOLONews in the wake of the Taliban taking control of Kabul, two days after she interviewed Malala Yousafzai, the activist from Pakistan, who survived being shot in the head in a 2012 Taliban assassination attempt.
The first interview is believed to be the first time a member of the Taliban had been interviewed live on TV by a woman, while the second was described as the first time Malala had ever been interviewed on Afghan television.
While the appearance of Arghand and other women on the channel has been commonplace in recent years, as the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, questions were raised whether women would continue to be allowed to work in the media.

After successfully escaping from the country on Tuesday, Arghand told the CNN she fled out of fear amid reports of Taliban abuse against women.
Arghand said that while her interview was challenging, she did it for the women of Afghanistan, knowing that resistance to their regime must start somewhere.
“If we stay in our houses or don’t go to our offices, they will say the ladies don’t want to work, but I said to myself, ‘start working.’

And I said to the Taliban member, ‘We want our rights. We want to work. We want — we must — be in society. This is our right.”

Earlier this month, Beheshta Arghand (pictured left) made history in the country by conducting an interview with a Taliban spokesperson on TOLONews in the wake of the Taliban taking control of Kabul
“I left the country because, like millions of people, I fear the Taliban.’
Saad Mohseni, the owner of TOLONews, said that Arghand’s case was indicative of the situation in the country now that the militant group are in control.
“Almost all our well known reporters and journalists have left,” he told CNN. “We have been working like crazy to replace them with new people. We have the twin challenge of getting people out because they feel unsafe, and keeping the operation going,” he added.


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