Just In: Malaysian Police Seeks Information As Three Nigerians Attack Another Nigerian With Machete [Graphic Photos, Videos]

By Newsie Events:-
Nigerians living in Malaysia are wondering why some individuals will leave their houses in Nigeria and come to a foreign land to kill each other under any guise.
On the 16th August, a Nigerian Man sustained deep machete cut injuries after he was attacked by three men armed with machetes in a fracas that happened at a convenience store in Alam Jaya, Cheras.
In a 34-second closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera footage of the convenience store’s front entrance, seen by NEWSIE EVENTS, the victim could be seen walking out of the store before dashing back inside as he was chased by three men armed with machetes.
According to reports from the NST Online, the Kajang district police chief Asst Comm Mohd Zaid Hassan said they received a report on the incident from the victim whose name could be ascertained during the time of this report, in his 30s, at 12.34 pm.

“The victim who had just finished shopping at the convenience store ran back into the premises after he was chased by the three suspects, also Nigerians.
“The suspects hit him with the machete inside the premises. Workers in the shop who were shocked by what happened ran out of the premises in fear,” he informed.

Mohd Zaid said the victim sustained cuts on his left thumb, suffered a cracked bone on his left hand as well as sustained cuts on his face and chest.

“He is now in stable condition and is still receiving treatment at the Kajang Hospital. The motive of the attack is still being investigated.
“Investigation continues to identify and detain the suspects under Section 326 of the Penal Code.
“Those with any information on the incident can contact the case’s investigating officer Inspector Nurfaezatul Akma Rofiee at 017-5443931,” he said.

In a related development, another video obtained by NEWSIE EVENTS from a source, three Nigerian men were seen at the door of another Nigerian as they were exchanging words angrily, asking him to open the door. The guy refused to open his door, and they break the key and rushed at the guy, who escaped. Another video also showed another Nigerian with a very deep cut on the back his head and back. It was frightening.
Another source who spoke to NEWSIE EVENTS anonymously alleged that everything that happened had to do with a disagreement between two rival cult groups, Black Axe And Baggar.
As at the time of writing, we are yet to ascertain if this two or more incidents are related. Stay tuned for more details.
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