Lagos ranks 4th most unliveable city in the world

Report ranks Lagos 4th worst city to live in

According to the 2022 poll, Lagos was the second most unliveable city after Damascus. However, while Lagos still faces issues such as civil unrest and corruption in 2023, the city’s healthcare and education systems have improved, adding to its upward trajectory.

The 2023 survey illustrates the global recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, with healthcare and education scores improving in a number of Asian, Middle Eastern, and African cities. These favorable achievements have significantly improved general liveability.

However, the report shows a drop in stability scores compared to the previous year, as several regions experienced civil disturbance. Despite this setback, Lagos has made progress, demonstrating persistence and growth in the face of adversity.

Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, is among the cities with the lowest rankings in the poll. Despite this, the city’s healthcare and education sectors have made significant advancements. These gains can be attributed in part to the country’s status as an energy exporter, which has benefited from rising global oil and gas prices.

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