Nigerian Embassy In Indonesia Always Asked For Evidence When We Complained Of Harassment – Victim

Newsie Events Media:

A Nigerian living in Indonesia has complained of negligence by the Nigerian Embassy in the country despite the plights of Nigerian citizens.

The middle-aged man, who reached out to SaharaReporters in the wake of the assault on August 7 on a diplomatic officer, said many Nigerians had lost their lives as a result of the inhumane treatments they are subjected to by the Indonesian security officials. 

He added that the immigration officials extorted money from Nigerians right from the airport, failure of which would attract deportation.

However, complaints to the Nigerian embassy, according to him, fell on deaf ears.
He said Nigerians had always been asked to submit proof of such actions.

He said, “A lot of people have lost their lives as a result of this. The Indonesian immigration officials chase Nigerians here and no one is talking about it. If you report at the Nigerian embassy, they will be looking for serious evidence, and this thing has been happening for years now.

“If Nigerians come for business here in Indonesia, right from the airport, the Indonesian immigration will be extorting money from Nigerians, if you refuse to comply, they will deport you immediately.

“Nigerians have complained many times to the embassy, they always respond that they need authentic evidence even though you are under pressure that you might be deported back to Nigerian.

“Now it has happened to the consulate. You can contact the embassy for more verification.”

SaharaReporters had on Monday reported how an official of the Nigerian High Commission and Consulate in Indonesia was tortured by the Indonesian police after he went out to shop at a supermarket.

The officer, identified as Ibrahim, was accosted by the police, after which he told them that he was working as an officer of the Nigerian High Commission and Consulate in Indonesia.

It was learnt that his Identification card and passport were, however, not with him during his visit to the place.
The Indonesian police officers reportedly did not listen to his plea and he was forced down inside a vehicle where he was beaten, and he started to suffocate.

A video footage shows how Ibrahim was tightly held on the throat in a way suggesting that they wanted to suffocate him.

He was also heard screaming that he could not breathe.

The officers had ignored his explanation and plea and continue torturing him.


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