Nigerian Man Stabbed To Death By Girlfriend In India.[Videos]

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A Nigerian man identified as Obinna who hails from Uli in Ihiala Local Government Area, Anambra State has allegedly been stabbed to death by his girlfriend.
The incident which according to the posts on social media happened in far-away India.
Meanwhile, the events leading to his death seem conflicting going by the video that was attached to the post announcing his demise. In the said video, the young man was seen with a container which he said contains chemical, apparently planning to drink it. He said things
in Igbo language which literally means that he was doing this because of the love he has for one ‘Ogechi’.
He called on his parents telling them that he will miss them. Then he also called on Uli guys who are based in India to not trouble the said girlfriend, that they should not allow the police to take advantage of her regarding what he was about to do. After saying that, he drank the content of the small container.

A Facebook user, Don Mikky who shared the news with this write up on it, “Obinna see what you did to yourself I personally told you that this is India we came here to find money, not to find love if is true that this girl is the one that killed you that means you are a fool you did not do like real Uli son from Ihiala L. G. A. Shame to you wherever you are I will stop here 📌 “

Another video shows Obinna lying on the bed in the hospital, already dead with a bloody scar on his chest, supposedly where he was stabbed by the girlfriend.

In yet another video, the girlfriend was seen been taken away by the Indian police.

There were pictures and video showing the late Obinna and the girlfriend all ‘loved up’. What caused the issue that led to him being stabbed is yet to be known.

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