2023: Battle for state house zoning split PDP stakeholders apart in Abak LGA

*** Abak Urban is agitating for Chairmanship not state house – Source

*** It is the turn of Midim/Ediene clan to produce the next house member

*** Sampson Idiong fight dirty for speakership.

By Divine Sam:

Abak LGA is currently under a war-like atmosphere for state house of Assembly zoning in the area.

Newsie Events correspondent spoke to some key players of the party who don’t want their names mentioned for security in a telephone conversation as they gave their different views.

One of them from Abak urban made it clear that 2023 is the right turn for the people of Ediene clan to produce the next house of Assembly representative with reasons that since the creation of Abak LGA, Ediene clan have not had the chance to produce someone that represented Abak constituency in the state house of Assembly.

He said Midim clan once produced a house of Assembly member though not in a democratic era but the point here is that Ediene clan has not even produce a house of Assembly member, therefore it is now their turn to produce a member of the state Assembly.

Also speaking, another key player in the party who also refused his name in this publication said for peace to be given a chance, justice and equity must prevail. It is the turn of Midim clan to produce the next house of Assembly member.

According to him, Mr. Mfon Abia went to house of Assembly in 1983 and that was the era of zero party, this is a democracy era and since the democracy regime from 1999, midim clan has not been given a turn for house of Assembly.

He said the deputy Governor Mr. Moses Ekpo, when he took decision for zoning, used the 1999 as a reference point and it is the 1999 democracy settings that we follow.

He said that, of the five clans that make Abak LGA, Abak clan has produced three house of Assembly members including Hon Imo Ibokette, Hon Uwem Udoma and the incumbent house of Assembly member, Hon Udeme Atong. Otoro clan has produced Rt Hon Friday Iwok who served for eight years and in Afahaobong clan, Hon Christopher Udofia, so Midim and Ediene clan respectively has not produce a house of Assembly member before.

He said apart from counting on block basic, there are two political blocks in Abak LGA which are eastern Annang and Abak Urban. When the deputy Governor took decision for zoning, Afahaobong clan was already on the position. The fresh zoning for chairmanship should also start from Afahaobong clan under Eastern Annang so Abak Urban will take their turn after expiration of tenure in Eastern Annang while, the house of Assembly that is currently in Abak Urban rotates to Eastern Annang.

Meanwhile, when Newsie Events correspondent reached out to the chapter chairman of the party in Abak LGA Mr. Mike Dan, he did not respond.

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  1. My decision is, let the zoning goes in clan by clan, an this is the turn of eastern annang

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