2023: Ndigbo Producing Next President Will Deepen National Unity— Sen. Ekpenyong

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Akwa Ibom State Senator, Chris Ekpenyong, representing Akwa Ibom North-West Constituency has lent his support on the call for Igbo presidency. He said that Nigeria will be the winner if the South-East geopolitical zone produces the president in 2023.
Ekpenyong, a former Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom, spoke in the state capital, Uyo on Thursday.
He said giving Ndigbo chance to produce the president will help deepen national unity and give them a sense of belonging in Nigeria.
He also opined that every section of the country deserved an opportunity to lead the country, irrespective of tongue, tribe, or geopolitical zone.
The senator said that since the North-West, South-West and South-South geopolitical zones have produced the president, it was only fitting for the South-East to be given the same opportunity.
“My prayer is that we should allow an Igbo man to become the next president of Nigeria “If the North and the South West have produced a president, why can’t the Southeast be allowed to become president of Nigeria?

“Igbo presidency is the path that will lead to deepening of our national unity. It will assuage the feeling of disillusionment among the Igbo. It will also give them a sense of belonging. No section has the monopoly of capacity to lead Nigeria.
“Therefore, everyone should be given equal opportunity to lead and contribute to the building of the country. No section was created to rule others for eternity. Nigeria belongs to all.
“There are competent men and women across all geopolitical zones in this country. And remember, the South West and the South-South have already produced a president. So, my plea with other zones is to allow the South East to produce the next president of Nigeria.
“They should be given the opportunity to contribute their knowledge, experience, and leadership capacity towards the growth of this nation,” Ekpenyong said.