2023 Presidency: 100 Bishops, other Christian clerics to hold 3-day prayer for Gov. Yahaya Bello

No less than 100 Christian clerics, mostly Bishops, have announced their intention to hold a three-day prayer and fasting for Governor Yahaya Bello’s emergence as president in 2023.
According to a statement signed by the convener, Bishop Jonathan Praise, on Tuesday, in Abuja, the clerics are drawn from each state of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory.
He noted that over 1,000 church leaders are also expected alongside their pastors at the Unity Fountain Abuja, the venue of the prayers.
Bishop Jonathan said the purpose of their gathering is to provide a spiritual shield and support for Governor Bello, who according to him is “God’s anointed choice to succeed President Muhammadu Buhari.”
Like the Biblical account of David, he explained that Governor Bello is a man after God’s heart and must be protected by all means to fulfil his purpose.
Recalling how Bello rose to become governor, the Bishop said it was not mere coincidence but destiny, adding that he would again shock critics at the next polls.
“In the Scriptures, there is no king who was the apple of God’s eye like David. The heart of God had a special affection for the man who was later described by the Lord as, a man after my heart, who will do all my will. (Acts 13:33),” Bishop Jonathan said.
“David was not perfect. He failed and sinned in many ways. So why did God love and bless him so much? Because God chose him. Yahaya Bello is our David. He embodies all his traits.
“Like David, Bello is young, focused, dedicated, charismatic, passionate, compassionate, kind. Name it. He is a man that loves God.”
Bishop Jonathan said aside from the spiritual aspects which have been revealed to him and other clerics, Bello had outperformed all the so-called aspirants.
He said the governor’s innate leadership qualities, innovations and doggedness are what are needed at this critical time in Nigeria.

“Even if we do away with the spiritual aspect and focus on the physical, Governor Bello is unmatched. He is a young man who has demonstrated that indeed quality leadership is possible in Nigeria.
“Bello is a young man with a true Nigerian spirit who has used his leadership acumen, skills and resources to promote peaceful co-existence.
“He is also a man of peace and will not only unite the various ethnic groups as he has done in Kogi State today, but will ensure that the issue of religion gradually fades out of our political life through his wisdom and understanding of issues.”
Bishop Jonathan, therefore, called on Governor Bello to formally declare his intention to run for President.
He, however, assured the governor of the support of the church in Nigeria as soon as he makes public his intention.

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