2023: Taxi Drivers, Okada Riders Dare Gov. Makinde’s Second Term Bid Over State Of Oyegun Oleyo Road, Ibadan

Repair Ayegun Oleyo road or you forget about 2nd term.

By Divine Sam

The poor state of the road that links to Akala Expressway and to other internal roads within Ibadan, Oyo State capital has almost cut off the people of Oyegun Oleyo Ona road from the rest in Governor Makinde’s administration.

Currently, it is very few persons that summon the courage to drive up the rocky, snaky, bumpy and risky road to their various businesses and destinations.
As a matter of fact, most people prefer to park their vehicles at the foot of the hill and trek or board a motorcycle uphill because the snaky and bumpy kind of road is causing ghastly accident on weekly basis.

The bad condition of Ayegun Oleyo road has caused the commercial drivers, which include taxis, kekes and Okada riders to challenge the Governor’s perceived second term ambition in 2023.

NEWSIE EVENTS correspondent who interacted with some of the commercial drivers gathered that in 2019, Governor Seyi Makinde, during his election campaign promised to flag off the construction of the Ayegun Oleyo Road.

However, the commercial driver expressed disappointment the road which started from the popular T-Junction of Tipper Garage where many tourism sites and businesses are located, was not fixed by the Makinde’s administration, who, according to him, is not a man of his words.

In separate interviews with some English speaking commercial operators, they revealed that several appeals have been made, both in letter and otherwise by the residents to the Governor but all efforts proved abortive as the governor as all fall deaf ears, showing that the governor seem unwilling to intervene on the deplorable condition of the road.

They pointed out the political significance of the road: “We have votes in all the units allocated to this area by INEC and we have been supporting the Government of the day with massive and large votes against the opposition. But we are neglected as if we are not part of Oyo State Government. We don’t feel government’s presence. We appeal to the State Government under Egr. Seyi Makinde’s administration to fix Oyegun Oleyo road road and make us feel that we are part of his administration. Let us feel the impact of the government. If the road is good, people will come in and do more investment”

They lambasted on the leadership of Governor Makinde as a biased Government that is not only sentimental but also nepotistic in running the affairs of the state.
The commercial drivers while passing a vote of No confidence on Governor Makinde, also warned him to keep off his rerun ambition in 2023 if he cannot fix Oyegun Oleyo road.

One of the Okada driver who described himself as a graduate of mathematics and satistics from the University of Ibadan, told our correspondent that Makinde does not pay attention to the cry of the people residing in Oyegun Oleyo road.
He believed that the Governor’s intention is to use the road for his re-election campaign in the area, but said he is highly disappointed by the kind of administration Makinde is piloting in the state.

He further called on the APC bigwigs in the state to come and salvage the people using and residing in the area by intervention through repairing the road for the residents and users.

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